Super 5, Comic Book TV for the week of 3/27–3/29 2017

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Apr 02, 2017

By Phil Perich @Nightwingpdp

We got a huge action packed week before the CW April break and Legion had it’s season finale this week, not to return until 2018.



Distant Sun (S2E17)

After the DEO discovers there is a bounty out on Supergirl, Mon-El’s mother is revealed as the source.  Mon agrees to leave Earth and travel back to Daxam with his parents if his mother cancels the bounty.  Before the Daxamites can leave the solar system, Supergirl and Martian Manhunter transport to their ship to save Mon-El and bring him home, even after the President of the United States orders J’onn not to confront the Daxamites.  Unknown to J’onn or anyone else, the president is actually a white martian.  And Alex meets Maggie’s ex-girlfriend, who reveals to Alex that their relationship had ended because Maggie cheated on her.  This prompts Alex to confront Maggie and demand they have no more secrets between them.

Grade: C


The Flash

Abra Kadabra (S3E18)

The Flash confronts a new old foe in the form of Abra Kadabra, a villain from the 64th century who has faced Barry before, but at some future point.  After robbing tech companies and murdering guards, Kadabra is captured and sought by a returned Gypsy.  Gypsy wants to take Kadabra to Earth 19 for execution for multiple murders, including her old partner.  Kadabra tells Barry he know who Savitar really is and will tell him if Barry helps him escape Gypsy.  In an attempt to save his daughter, Joe allows Kadabra to escape.  Kadabra completes building a time machine that will take him back to the 64th century but is stopped by the Flash and Gypsy.  Barry and Team Flash allow Gypsy to take Kadabra back to Earth 19, but this gives Barry an idea how to save Iris: Travel to the future himself to learn the secrets of Kadabra.  And after being injured in an attack on Star Labs by Kadabra, Caitlin is once again transformed into the villainous Killer Frost.

Grade: A

Legends of Tomorrow

Doomworld (S2E16)

After finally capturing the complete Spear of Destiny last episode, the Legion of Doom rewrites reality putting themselves in charge.  Eobard now has a place in the new timeline, even though the Black Flash still exists as his prisoner in Star Labs.  The Legion kills the last remaining hero in this reality, a masked Felicity Smoak.  After growing bored with the ease of the new timeline, MIck finds his fellow Legends teammates and helps them regain their memories.  After a Legends vs Legion battle for the spear where Amaya is killed by Captain Cold, Eobard gains possession of the spear which he destroys in a nuclear device he commissioned this new timeline’s version of Martin Stein to create.  With nothing left to lose, the Legends decide they must break their most precious rule, they must cross their own timeline and return to World War I to attempt to steal the spear from the Legion of Doom again.  Their only obstacle is learning the location of Rip Hunter and the Waverider.  Rip having seemingly given up, is spurred back into action by Gideon.  The episode ends with Rip and the Waverider revealed to be shrunken and on a desk in Star Labs.

Grade: A



Disbanded (S5E18)

After his beating by Prometheus last episode where the villain revealed to Oliver his own murderous nature, Oliver wants to retire the Green Arrow and shut down the team.  With Prometheus still on the loose, Oliver asks his old Russian friend Anatoly and the Bratva to kill Prometheus.  All the Bratva asks in return is a shipment of medicine which they can turn into street drugs.  No parts of this deal sit well with Diggle and rest of team Arrow, who confront the Bratva every time they attempt to kill Adrian Chase aka Prometheus and save Oliver’s soul.  With the help of the secret Helix organization, Felicity is able to produce proof that Chase is Prometheus, forcing Chase to kill the guards who had him in witness protection.  Oliver decides to return to his mission, just not as the Green Arrow yet.  And in the flashbacks, Oliver decides to leave Russia and return to Lian Yu, where he is discovered alive after 5 years at the beginning of the series.

Grade: B


Chapter 8 (S1E8)

Clark and Division Three soldiers attempt to raid the team’s hideaway until they are swiftly defeated by David’s powerful abilities.  David tells Clark they need to form a partnership for the sake of all involved.  Clark disagrees saying the mutants are gods that will one day want to conquer humanity.  Clark is then witness to the team’s attempt to separate David and the Shadow King.  The King informs Syd that any attempt to remove it without it’s cooperation will result in David’s death.  With David about to die, Syd uses her powers to transfer the King into herself, which leads to the King using her to transfer itself first into Kerry, then into Oliver who the King uses to facilitate it’s escape.  After witnessing all of this, Clark agrees to talk to his superiors about the possibility of a partnership.  And in an after credits scene, a strange floating mechanical device seems to scan David and Syd before capturing David and flying off.

Grade: A

This was such a great week of comic book TV, it’s sad to think most of it won’t return for another few weeks.  But check back soon for the return of out favorite shows as they barrel toward their season finales! and I am on Twitter @Nightwingpdp.

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