Super 5, Comic Book TV for the week of 3/20–3/22 2017

By Guest Author
Mar 28, 2017

By Phil Perich @Nightwingpdp

There were a lot of reunions and memories on the comic book TV shows this week.



Star-Crossed (S2E16)

Rocky relationships were the theme of Supergirl this week.  Kara finally meets Mon-El’s parents and learns that he has been lying to her about his heritage.  Mon-El is revealed to be the prince of the ruling family of Daxam.  Kara breaks up with Mon, telling him she can’t forgive his lies.  Winn also faces heartbreak when his alien girlfriend sets him up to take the blame for an art heist.  Winn later discovers she only did this to save her brother from the gang he was working for.  With Alex and Guardian’s help, Winn is able to locate the gang and save his girlfriend and her brother.  And finally the DEO is taking a new supposed alien into custody.  The Music Meister puts a whammy on Kara, knocking her unconscious. The Meister then opens a portal to Earth One claiming to be tracking the fastest man alive next.  This episode is continued in this week’s The Flash episode.

Grade: B-


The Flash

Duet (S3E17)

After the events at the end of this week’s Supergirl, Mon-El and J’onn J’onzz bring the comatose Kara to Earth One and Star Labs for help.  After Team Flash attempts to help Kara, Music Meister appears and whammies Barry the same way he did Kara after saying he was there to teach Barry and Wally a lesson.  Barry awakens to the sound of Kara singing “Moon River”.  An image of Music Meister tells the pair that they are stuck in a musical world created by their minds.  Barry and Kara have to play out the musical to escape and to make matters worse, if the heroes die in the musical, they die in real life.  Meanwhile Cisco, Wally, and J’onn track down and capture the Music Meister after J’onn and Wally knock him out.  Locked up in the Pipeline, Music Meister tells Iris and Mon-El they have the power to free their loved ones.  When powerless Barry and Kara are shot and lay dying in the musical, Iris has Cisco vibe herself and Mon into the musical world.  Iris and Mon’s love, in the form of kisses, free their significant others from the musical.  Upon awakening, an escaped Music Meister tells everyone he has accomplished what he set out to do and disappears.  And finally Barry once again proposes to Iris, this time while serenading her with his rendition of Running Home to You”!

Grade: B

Legends of Tomorrow

Fellowship of the Spear (S2E15)

The Legends team succeeds in stealing the Legion of Doom’s last piece of the Spear of Destiny.  The team then travel to World War One to find author JRR Tolkien who can possible point them to a location of some of Christ’s blood, the only thing that can destroy the spear.  In an attempt to stop the Legends, the Legion go back in time a few years and recruit Leonard Snart before he joined and died for the Legends team.  With the help of Snart, the Legion also recruit Mick Rory and capture the spear, which they use to begin rewriting reality.

Grade: C



Kapiushon (S5E17)

After his capture last episode, Oliver is tortured and beaten by Prometheus who demands that Oliver tell him his secret.  Oliver claims not to know what Prometheus wants even when Prometheus threatens to kill all of Oliver’s friends and loved ones, even faking the murder of Artemis.  In the flashbacks we see Oliver newly in role as the hood and Anatoly work to keep Konstantine Kovar from killing Russian officials and overthrowing the Russian Government.  Not satisfied that Kovar will see justice, Oliver takes Kovar’s fate in his hands and kills him.  This parallels with the present when Prometheus gets Oliver to admit that he kills because he wants to and that he enjoys it.  Prometheus then lets Oliver free.  Oliver returns to Team Arrow and tells them he is shutting everything they have down, he is finished as the Green Arrow.

Grade: A


Chapter 7 (S1E7)

Many mysteries are answered this week.  The “Devil With Yellow Eyes”  is revealed to be Amahl Farouk, the Shadow King.  The King was an enemy of David’s biological father, Professor Charles Xavier, leader and mentor of the X-Men.  Attempting to keep him safe, Charles gave David up for adoption when he was an infant.  Unfortunately, the King found David and leeched onto him for most of his life.  Meanwhile with the rest of the team trapped in the King’s psychic world, Cary and Oliver attempt to free everyone and stop their murders in the real world with the help of Syd who has started to piece it all together.  Once everyone is back in the real world, Cary puts a device on David’s head to trap the Shadow King until they can come up with a more permanent solution.  And just when everything seems to have calmed, Division 3 sends in troops for an ambush, with the Shadow King pounding on the walls of his mental prison, seconds from escape.

Grade: A+

Next week looks to be a BIG week for all these shows, with only one more episode of Legion and two more of Legends of Tomorrow this season and one more week before a month off for the rest.  What do you think will be the best of next week?  Let me know! and I am on Twitter @Nightwingpdp.

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