Super 5, Comic Book TV for the week of 3/12–3/15 2017

By Guest Author
Mar 20, 2017

By Phil Perich @Nightwingpdp

This week’s episodes ranged from down to earth to space adventures and everything in between.


Walking Dead

Bury Me Here (S7E13)

Things go from bad to worse when the Kingdom’s regular drop off to the Saviors is sabotaged and the Saviors, suspecting a trick, kill Benjamin.  Later Morgan discovers that Richard was the one who sabotaged the drop, hoping to force King Ezekiel and the Kingdom to join the war against Negan and the Saviors.  This is the last straw for Morgan who had grown close to Benjamin.  Morgan breaks his pacifist vows and kills Richard with his bare hands.  The episode ends with Morgan telling Carol about the fates of Abraham and Glenn at the hands of Negan, something he had promised not to do before.

Grade: A


The Flash

Into The Speed Force (S3E16)

After Savitar’s escape from the Speed Force imprisoned Wally last episode, Barry dives into the extra dimensional source of his powers to find him.  Barry finds the Speed Force a changed place since his last visit.  This time the Speed Force seems displeased with some of Barry’s choices from the last year, speaking to him through the deceased Eddie Thawne, Ronnie Raymond, and Leonard Snart.  After Team Flash loses touch with Barry, Cisco contacts Jay Garrick on Earth Three to aid Barry.  The pair manage to free Wally so he can return home, but only at the cost of Jay’s freedom.  With the rest of the team busy trying to find Barry, Jesse tracks down Savitar and manages to wound him with a piece of his own armor before the evil speedster retreats.  And after his return, Iris tells Barry she is ready to continue their engagement, but Barry doesn’t agree.

Grade: B

Legends of Tomorrow

Moonshot (S2E14)

The Legends team tracks the final piece of the Spear of Destiny to Nasa command in 1970 where Hank Heywood is working.  Hank hid the spear fragment in the American flag placed on the moon a year earlier.  Ray gets to the moon and his trapped and can only escape by working with Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash.  Eobard later attempts to steal the fragment from the team but has to flee immediately to escape the Black Flash.  Tensions run high as Nate is unable to stop his grandfather Hank from sacrificing himself to save the team.  And who is the captain of the Waverider these days, Sara or Rip?

Grade: B-



Checkmate (S5E16)

After Oliver confronts Talia about her connection to Prometheus she reveals Prometheus is really Adrian Chase and that her own last name is Al Ghul and that she blames Oliver for the death of her father.  After Green Arrow is accused of attacking Chase’s wife, Oliver gives evidence to Captain Pike to about Prometheus’s true identity.  Pike is later attacked and seriously injured.  When Oliver and Diggle later confront Prometheus with his wife, Prometheus kills his own wife and disappears with Oliver.  Meanwhile, Felicity gains more and more info from Helix, who now demand she do a favor for them, hacking into US drones.  Felicity later goes back to them and promises to do whatever they want if they help her find Oliver, now locked in a cell, a prisoner of Prometheus and Talia.

Grade: B


Chapter 6 (S1E6)

The team is now trapped in Clockworks, the asylum that is probably all in David’s head.  Lenny, now revealed to be devil with yellow eyes, probably X-Men villain the Shadow King, is acting as doctor to the team.  Melanie now seems as lost as her husband, Ptonomy is trapped in the moment of his mother’s death, Kerry and Cary seem more dependent on each other then ever, and Syd seems to be the only one who realizes something is wrong.  Syd discovers a hidden door where Lenny is celebrating all the misery she’s caused David.  Sid is then put to sleep by Lenny.  David himself seems to be pushed down, trapped in a sea of angry, screaming figures.

Grade: A

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