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Super 5, Comic Book TV for the week of 1/23-1/25 2017

By Guest Author
Jan 29, 2017

follow link By Phil Perich @Nightwingpdp

All your favorite live action comic book entertainment has returned for 2017 with big, explosive comebacks

forex omvandlingstabell Monday Gotham

migliore tecnica opzioni binarie 60 secondi Smile Like You Mean It (S3E13)

Gotham opened on Monday night with a series of mystery resurrections throughout the city, leading Gordon and Bullock to Dwight.  Dwight was not only behind the “walking dead” but also the leader of cult that worshipped serial killer Jerome Valeska. While Dwight seemingly fails in his promise to resurrect Jerome, he is later proven successful at the cost of his own life at the hands of Jerome.  Meanwhile, Selina’s anger over the danger she believes her mother is in only increases when she discovers Maria only returned to Gotham to scam money from Selina’s friend Bruce.  and the Penguin/Nygma war goes nuclear when Barbara pushes Penguin in a dangerous direction.

go to site Grade: B

see Supergirl

Tastylia (Tadalafil) 100% guarantee of pleasure Supergirl Lives (S2E9)

While things seem to be going great with the Alex and Maggie relationship after the two spend the night together, Alex pushes Maggie away due to her worries about her missing sister.  Kara’s disappearance comes from her investigation into a missing girl, Authentic Mark Letestu Jersey Izzy, after Izzy’s mom begs Kara to investigate.  With the reluctant help of Mon-El, Kara discovers a group of missing people being sold by an alien Deshaun Watson Jersey slave ring on the Maaldoria with the help of villain Roulette.  And as if things weren’t dire enough, Maaldoria has a red sun that nullifies Supergirl and Mon-El’s powers.  After convincing the prisoners to help them escape, Supergirl and the others are brought back to Earth by the DEO led by Alex and Wynn who is trying to recover from the fear put into him due to a recent mission with James “Guardian” Olsen.

buy metformin in the uk Grade: A Tuesday The Flash

follow url Borrowing Problems From the Future (S3E10)

After being haunted by dreams night after night of his future vision of Iris’s murder at the hands of Savitar, Barry enlists Cisco’s help to go back to the future to gather clues in the form of future news headlines.  Barry hopes to change the future by altering events so those news stories never come to pass.  But his first attempt fails when Barry tries to let new villain Plunder escape. With the help of Kid Flash, the future changes slightly with the capture of Plunder.  HR tries to prove his worth to the team by opening the Star Labs museum and Caitlin, in an attempt to cure herself of her powers, invites Julian to join Team Flash.

my site Grade: B

Check This Out Legends of Tomorrow

see it here Raiders of the Lost Art (S2E9)

Trying to discover the whereabouts of the Spear of Destiny, Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk attempt to capture the amnesiac Rip Hunter in 1967 but the villains inadvertently alter the destiny of director George Lucas who doesn’t go on to make his famous Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies.  This alters the powers and memories of Ray and Nate.  The team is eventually able to recover the pieces of the Spear that Rip had hidden and correct the events of time for Lucas, Ray, and Nate. But unfortunately the Legion of Doom is able to capture Rip, who they plan to torture with the help of the Reverse Flash until Rip recovers his memories.  While on the Waverider, Mick asks Martin for help shutting down the implant the time masters put in his head.  Mick believes this is how he is seeing his deceased partner in crime Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold.  But after he performs the surgery, Martin discovers the implant is already nonfunctional. Grade: C Wednesday Arrow

Who Are You? (S5E10)

Laurel Lance aka the Black Canary has seemingly returned from the dead.  After she lies and tells Oliver the Legends of Tomorrow team brought her back, it is revealed she is lying.  This is Laurel Lance…of Earth 2, the villainous Black Siren who fought the Flash last year.  She later reveals that she was freed from Star Labs by Prometheus and claims she was forced to attack Tom Jackson Jersey Team Arrow.  Oliver attempts to rehabilitate the villain but is sabotaged in every attempt be Felicity who is looking for revenge against Prometheus who engineered the death of her boyfriend Detective Billy Malone.  Black Siren is eventually captured with the help of Curtis who’s finally got his confidence back.  With Diggle in danger in prison due to a corrupt general, Oliver sends DA Adrian Chase to aid Diggle legally, although the general doesn’t seem willing to wait.  And in the Russia flashback, we see Oliver tourtured and wondering who he can trust in the Bratva until he is rescued by Talia Al Ghul, another daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul.

Grade: B-

If this week is any indication, 2017 looks like it could be an even greater year for comic book television.  Share your thoughts on these show or any others with me.  Anyone going to be giving Powerless a try? and I am on Twitter @Nightwingpdp.

I write two blogs, one Marvel and one DC, the True Believers and Legends of DC.  I also do multiple podcasts Luis Gonzalez Womens Jersey about all things Marvel and DC Comics.  You can find all my blogs and podcasts at or


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