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Reality Check: Bachelor in Paradise Week 2

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Aug 11, 2016 Well, the age of Authentic Matt Paradis Jersey Chad has finally ended and I’m sure you’re as happy about it as I am. No more cold cuts, no more drunken rants, and no more verbal abuse. We all love drama, but I think we are all in agreement that we like our drama light-hearted and friendly, not full of rage.

opcje binarne w złotówkach In the season’s first shake-up, Leah from Ben’s season comes to Paradise and wants to immediately date Chad. Sorry, Leah, but the Chad-bear was already sent packing by Chris Harrison the very first night after his drunken tirade. Leah, you may remember, is one of the only dramatic people in all of the Bachelor franchise history to not get a lot of screen time, despite trying to sabotage Lauren, Harry Carson Jersey who ended up winning Ben’s heart.

Let me be honest so you all know I’m here “for the right reasons,” I have never liked Nick. Not on Andi’s season, not on Kaitlyn’s season, and not now in Paradise. I believe that he is sneaky and immature. I mean, he’s a 35 year old MAN, not a 23 year old boy and yet he still walks around whining like a child. Thirty-five is elderly in the Bachelor world yet Nick has yet to retire. Give me a break. Nick gets two dates in one day, first with Leah and then with Amanda. Since Leah asked him on the first one, she thought she was a shoe-in for date number two and also a relationship, but Nick chose Amanda, because everyone loves Amanda. Speaking of everyone loving Amanda, I always thought I liked Josh, especially up against Nick, but Josh is coming off very slimy and aggressive. I don’t know if these are his true colors, and Andi’s tell-all book is correct (I do trust Andi, after all), or if he is just misunderstood. He does seem to only want Amanda, but the fact that Nick was with her first makes me think he was only after her to bother Nick. Considering the fact that it looks like *SPOLIER* Josh and Amanda end up together, maybe he was there for her and Nick was just unfortunate collateral damage. Hmm, who to believe? In the other main drama news, Carly goes on a date with Evan despite confessing that a lot of her exes were very feminine men and one turned out to be gay. Not surprisingly, she hates the date, but Evan LOVES Authentic Jari Kurri Jersey it and loves her instantly. He thought their kiss was magical, while it made Carly physically ill. Poor girl just never has a good time in Paradise. Carly let’s Evan down and he cries about it, and she moves quickly onto new guy Brandon. They share some Bachelor connections and compliments, yet he chooses one of the twins to go on a date instead.

follow Brandon tells the twins he can DEFINITELY tell them apart, but when they pull a Parent Trap-esq switcharoo, he doesn’t even notice. Does this mean the end of Brandon and one of the twins before it even begins? demo iq opzioni One of the twins, I imagine the one that isn’t with Brandon, started something with Jared, who was as reluctant as last season to initiate physical contact. How long until Ashely I. shows up still pining for his chiseled face?

follow url Lace, although drunk all the time, hooks up with Grant in the fantasy suite the night they basically meet each other. They are a solid couple at this point. Hopefully she will start putting together full sentences next week by laying off the sauce, but that is doubtful. Sarah is with many of the Paradise men in Vinny, Daniel, and Christian. For a quiet girl, Sarah has a lot of the men’s attention. Vinny is also seen with Izzy, too, so Sarah is left deciding between ridiculous Daniel and sweet Christian. Who will she choose? Evan crawls out of his Carly depression to realize that he really wants Amanda, yes, 5,000 Kyle Palmieri Youth Jersey miles out of his league Amanda, because they are both parents and goes to whisk her off her feet and from the make-out clenches of Josh. Yeah, right. Next week should be interesting.

cherrytrade com Will Calvin Johnson Womens Jersey Evan go through with it or will he chicken out?

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