Weekly Five: Can I Interest You in Reality Competitions?

The Voice (U.S. TV series)
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“Weekly Five” is our guide to this week’s most interesting and worthwhile watches.

1. Dancing With the Stars

Reality shows are amazing. They are the perfect escape after a long day of work. Reality shows that include dancing, singing, and former stars learning to dance professionally are even more amazing. Dancing With the Stars is my not-at-all guilty pleasure. I am rooting hard for Rumer Willis this season (since RedFoo is no longer in the running). I’m also really looking forward to judge Julianne Hough dancing this week, too. It’s gonna be a good time.

2. The Voice

The Voice is like American Idol except, like, ya know…better. It’s so refreshing to see hopeful new singers actually being trained by professionals with their vocals, stage presence, and image. I sit there each week like a proud mama, watching her babies grow and develop. And the relationships that the coaches have with their trainees, and their fellow panel, are just the icing on the cake. Plus, being serenaded isn’t a bad way to end the day.

3. Agent Carter

I will be rewatching season one of this marvelous show (pun fully and wholeheartedly intended) in honor of it being picked up for its second season. You heard me! We are getting MORE action, MORE intrigue, MORE female badassery. But most importantly, we’re getting a whole new season of MORE Hayley Atwell as the transcendent Peggy Carter. YES. PLEASE.

4. Galavant

Speaking of a wonderful series that has been renewed, I’ll be warming up my vocal cords for a rewatch of Galavant.  I mean, I want to rewatch the entire first season just to hear all the songs again, but now there is also cause to celebrate. My little shipper heart is full of joy that I get to see Galavant and Isabella being total dorks in love once again. And after that incredibly cruel cliffhanger from the season finale (that I can only assume was King Richard’s design), I can finally relax knowing that all of my burning questions will be answered.

5. The Whispers

Everyone talks about how cute and innocent children are…until they really, REALLY aren’t. It’s so sweet when children use their imaginations to create brand new worlds, games, and friends to share their fun. But what happens when these kids have “friends” that aren’t so harmless, and certainly not invisible? And the games these “friends” want to play with the kids are dark. VERY dark.The Whispers premieres this Thursday on ABC, and I have a feeling that this series is going to be a creepy one. Needless to say, I’ll definitely be watching.

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