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Outlander: 5 Notes from “The Watch”

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see it here Sometimes I think that when things are going to well for beloved characters in a perilous world, it almost always feels too perfect, like the calm before the storm. Call it the Game of Thrones syndrome but I’ve become wary of happiness. As such, I’ve developed a 6th sense about when the proverbial poo will hit the fan. Well kids, it’s time to call it. The Poo has hit the fan in Outlander and our worst fear, the one that has been hanging over our heads for the whole season, has come to pass: Jamie has been captured by the redcoats. And now we have to wait a whole week to find out exactly how Jamie will get out of the redcoat’s control. But in the meantime, let us relive the top 5 moments of 1×13 “The Watch”.

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1. If it is Claire’s smart mouth that gets her in trouble, it’s Jamie’s temper that gets him in hot water

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bdswiss 60 sekunden Last week, Claire’s main character flaw was put forward. Because she comes from the world of modern women who speak their mind and because as a character she can’t stand idly by without expressing her concerns or opinions, she always tends to get in trouble in Scotland of 1743. Although she is far from meek, she has learned to control her mouth a bit in favour of appeasing the people she’s with. Inversely if Claire is slowly starting to be judicious about when to give into social conventions of the time and when to be herself, Jamie still lacks the control over his hot headedness. When members of The Watch (a mob like version of Scots “protecting” people from the red coats in exchange of money) pay Lallybroch a visit, Jamie very nearly gets into fights with them and it is only because of Jenny and Ian that he doesn’t. While he maintains the peace for a bit, it doesn’t last very long and when his honour is offended, he brawls again. It’s this stubbornness that always gets him into more hot water that he should get into and it is this characteristic that ultimately gets him in the claws of danger as the head of John Moore Womens Jersey The Watch takes a keen interest in Jamie’s fighting skills after seeing him dismantle his men easily.

2. Childbirth is was and will continue to be a painful and scary experience

read this article Ok. I’m a women and I haven’t given birth yet. So let me be honest here: this episode of Outlander, whilst probably not being the most painful illustration of childbirth, definitely scared the crap out of me. Jenny spends the majority of the episode either on all fours, tugging on a bed post and in a variety of acrobatic positions in order to give birth. All  while screaming in agony and basically thinking she wasn’t going to make it. Which is a valid concern for the time in question as childbirth was a dangerous task. One of the funniest moments of the episode was Jenny asked for whiskey to numb the pain she was going through, to which Claire said that the baby would come to the Jaelen Strong Womens Jersey world drunk. Jenny didn’t even miss a beat before replying that the baby would be a true Scotsman then. Regardless of this little treasure of a quote, childbirth was not portrayed as a walk in the park. Claire, who witnesses Jenny’s struggle, comes clean to Jamie and reveals that she doesn’t think she can have children. Jamie, being the gentlemen and emotionally intelligent person he is, rapidly reassures Claire that it is perhaps for the best, as he couldn’t stand to hear Claire be in such pain. I’m with Jamie on this one – perhaps because I’m a wuss but for the moment I’m not too keen to find myself suffering like Jenny did. All’s well that ends well as Jenny gives birth to a baby girl and a tad unrealistically, is back on her feet in no time.

3. Jamie and Ian’s Bromance gives me the feels

partnervermittlung backnang Ian and Jamie grew up like brothers. Ian was taught to protect his laird’s weak side and that is just what he does throughout this episode. In every step of the way, Ian is there to calm Jamie’s temper, to make him see the bigger picture and not just the upcoming battle. As things turn sour for Jamie, who is being blackmailed by an Irish deserter, Ian comes and kills the blackmailer unexpectedly. With shaking hands and a bloody sword, he vows that if Jamie is going to hell, Ian might as well go keep him company. And it totally gave me the feels. We’ve seen Jamie be a comrade, a pawn, a leader and even have a fatherly relationship of sorts Cedric Ogbuehi Jersey with Murtagh Fraser. Regadless of these connections, he is a very lonely and isolated character since he’s been on the run from the law. It was great to see another side to him, to actually see him being around someone he trusted and with whom he shared a deep bond with. Which is why Ian finds himself going with Jamie, when the only way to ensure his safety is to temporarily become part of The Watch. Ian goes to continue to protect the weak side of his laird. The Sam to Jamie’s Frodo. So many feels.

4. Out on the dangerous Road

trading in modalità demo Jamie and Ian set off on the road with The Watch and it is nice to see Jamie on the road again. Seeing him out under the rain and riding horses with fellow Scots made me truly miss the company of the Castle Leoch lot. I didn’t realise how much spark the guys brought to the show until I missed their crass sense of humour, drinking and the charming ways in which they got into trouble. So it is nice to see Jamie out under the open sky, despite the fact that it means danger and separation from his loved ones. The journey didn’t last too long though as The Watch, thinking they were ambushing someone, were the ones to be ambushed. And now… well now Jamie is well and truly in a bind.

5. A separation

http://revedecabane.com/?ower=forex-oppure-opzioni-binarie&ee5=ba The tables have turned, as it is now up to Claire to save Jamie from the hands of Captain Randall, especially when she not only knows what he is capable of, but also has the knowledge of what Randall wants Jamie for. It seems that an impossible task is ahead as our two lovers are separated and must somehow be reunited. Its high time Claire returned the favour of saving Jamie as the series so far have been an accumulation of events where Claire gets in trouble and Jamie and his gang saves her. I like the fact that Cooper Kupp Jersey now, Claire gets to be the hero, the one to risk it all in order to same someone she loves and to show us all the power and badassery she is capable of.

find this Having seen the promos for next week, it seems like Claire and Jenny unite forces to save Jamie. And I can’t wait to see what plan these two formidable and kick ass women devise in order to get Jamie home and safe. I’m very happy to say that I got a glimpse of the Castle Leoch gang in the promo, here’s hoping they behave with honour and save Jamie’s delicious behind. Now the wheels are set in motion and I can already predict that the events that will lead to the season finale of Outlander will be nothing short of breath-taking. Until that fateful day, we still have 3 weeks of Outlander love to receive. So until next time fellow fans!

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