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Game of Thrones: 5 Ways “The House of Black and White” Differed from ASOIAF

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read this article Well guys, we knew it was going to happen. We knew the showrunners of Game of Thrones made a conscious decision to step away from the guiding light that is the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire”. What I didn’t realize is just how far flung the television show was going to be from the books. In only the second episode of season five, we’ve already departed so far from any one of the books that, of course, I had to write an article outlining these changes. Quincy Wilson Youth Jersey Call it therapy, call it obsession, call it what you will but somehow I’ve got to deal with this deviation, right? So here it is, for your eyes only (and anyone else’s that reads these articles, of course): the five ways in which “The House of Black and White” has jumped ship on A Song of Ice and Fire.

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1. Brienne of Tarth’s New Path

i thought about this Well, the golden-haired goddess Brienne of Tarth’s journey had already taken a turn for the different in season four when she somehow met up with Arya Stark and the Hound. Though, this resulted in one of the most intense and awe-inspiring duke-outs I’ve ever seen in Game of Thrones, so I shan’t complain. In any case, I don’t think any of us could be sure where she was really headed. At the end of season four, many book readers expected Lady Stoneheart (don’t look it up if you don’t want to know) to make her first appearance Randy Johnson Youth Jersey and given the fact that she and Brienne have a scene together in A Feast For Crows (book four), I at least believed Brienne would meet up with the Brotherhood without Banners but alas, it seems her mission is solely Stark-children related.

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see here In “The House of Black and White” she and the ever-bumbling Podrick Payne find themselves in a little tavern off the beaten path. And who should be there as well but Lord PetyrBaelish and his lovely dark-haired niece, Sansa Stark. Talk about convergence, hmm? Of all the taverns in all of Westeros, Brienne and Sansa visit the same one. DEUS EX MACHINA, AM I RIGHT? Well, Brienne kneels to Sansa and tells her she will guard Tedy Bruschi Youth Jersey the young lady’s life and be her guiding light but Sansa, whose mind has been completely infected by Littlefinger, tells Brienne off. There’s a battle, Brienne kills people and Petyr and Sansa escape. Instead of letting that go, however, Brienne decides to follow them and that is where we leave her. opzionen handel  

التعليم الخيارات الثنائية Overall, it’s an interesting departure and nothing like what happens in the book series. Brienne’s path is one of righteousness and hopefully, Sansa Stark will come around because let’s be real, Brienne’s a champion and Sansa is going to need it (especially to fend off icky Petyr’s advances).

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2. Jaime and Bronn Team Up for Dorne

För viagra 25 mg på nätet samråd This is quite possibly the best duo I’ve ever seen on TV and we’ve barely seen them together. And for once, I’m not going to bellyache about what could be considered one of the largest differences in Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire. Honestly, I’m surprised GRRM never saw this bromance’s ability to blossom and grow in the books. Then again, the ways both characters are written differ completely in the show vs. the books. Jaime in the books? A saint among men. Granted, he does sleep with his sister but ya know, if someone looked exactly like you just with opposite parts, could you blame yourself? No, I’m not condoning incest even though it sounds like I am, but given the fact that Craster the Wildling slept with his daughters to produce more daughters and murdered Authentic A’Shawn Robinson Jersey his sons? Jaime and Cersei are like incest lite. And Bronn? In the books he barely matters. Yeah, he saves Tyrion but meh other than that. Jerome Flynn brings that character to life in a way that no one else could.

source So, Jaime is going to Dorne to saveMyrcella, a byproduct of his and Cersei’s stay in Boom Town. Bronn is going with him and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a team-up. It is sad to see Bronn leave his ex-wife-to-be behind, but hey, there’s a princess to be saved, people!

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3. Ellaria Sand Standing In for Arianne Martell

check my blog Now, I’m sure at least one of those names begs a reminder. Ellaria Sand, the beautiful paramour of one of the best (and most missed) characters in all of Westeros and Essos, Oberyn Martell. She is the first face we see in the new land of Dorne and I’m sure she is sticking around. It is she who wants revenge for Oberyn’s murder and while I can see why Weiss and Benioff chose to do it this way, it’s a stark reminder that yet another point of view character from ASOIF is (and probably will continue to be) missing.

official site Arianne Martell, the daughter of Doran who is the Head of House Martell and Lord of Sunspear is the first of the Dornish PoV characters and one of the strongest women in A Song of Ice and Fire. She argues that Oberyn should be avenged and acts as a sort of guardian to MyrcellaBaratheon, wanting her to take the Iron Throne, as she is older than Tommen. And yet, it appears that we won’t be seeing her this season. Instead, we’ve got Ellaria who has already made threats on Doran’s life and the Sand Snakes who are, if possible, even more vicious. An interesting turn of events and one I, as an Arianne Martell fan, am not necessarily pleased with. So far, it seems that Doran is the only peaceful Dornishman and while Arianne certainly has her moments of violence, she’s political in a way that Ellaria Sand doesn’t seem to be.

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4. Mossador’s Death (But More Importantly, Drogon) Perhaps it makes me a weak GoT fan but I didn’t even recognize poor Mossador in the season five premiere. In season four, he was a mere slave but in “The Wars to Come”, he acts as the representative for Meereen’s free men in Daenerys’ small council. And it was in “The House of Black and White” that he met his fate after murdering a Son of the Harpy awaiting a fair trial.ГђВ� ГўВЂВњГђВЎГўВЂВњГђВ� ’Ð� ГђВ�  

The thing is, though, in ASOIF, Mossador isn’t a slave. Instead, he is an Unsullied and brother of Missandei. In A Dance With Dragons, he is ambushed while on patrol and crushed by falling stones (the Sons of Harpy are behind this attack, just FYI). So yes, the character was uprooted and killed in a very different capacity. His death was truly a turning point for Dany and only one thing could convince her that she is headed down the right path. Her first-born (not really), her number one, her shining star that also murders children, Drogon.


I’ll admit, I got chills when he showed up on the roof of Dany’s Meereenese home. And while Drogon doesn’t make an appearance until book five in ASOIF, I think we, as an audience, absolutely needed to see him at this point. Dany is making some very tough decisions and to see her be so soft with him allowed us to see that she is only human.


5. Jaqen H’ghar’s Surprising Reappearance

And what a return it was! Jaqen has always been a question mark in both ASOIF and Game of Thrones so to see him again was a delight. The fact is that he doesn’t really show up again in the books, although it is hinted at that he is somewhere in Oldtown claiming to be an alchemist. Arya shows up at the House of Black and White (my personal favorite religion/storyline in the books) and is promptly turned away by who I can only guess is the Kindly Man (another one of my absolute faves). She sits on the stoop, chanting the names of those she wants revenge on, for days before realizing no one is going to let her in. So she throws the coin Jaqen gave her into the water and walks away. Only this isn’t the end. She and the Kindly Man have another meeting and when they reach the House of Black and White again, he assumes the visage of Jaqen.


Although I’m sad to see the Kindly Man go, I understand the meaning behind it. The House of Black and White is arcane, esoteric at best. To even try to understand it makes my head spin. So to have not only Authentic Taywan Taylor Jersey one, but two characters that we already know enter together makes it all a bit more easier to wrap our minds around. If your mind isn’t warped yet, just wait. It takes quite a lot to comprehend the Faceless Men and yet, it takes no one.

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