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Five Notes from Last Night’s Outlander, “Lallybroch” (S01E12)

Outlander / Starz
By: admin This week in Outlander, the prodigal son returns home and nothing goes as planned. But when does anything go as planned for our twosome? Regardless of their new troubles, this episode allowed us non book connaisseurs to delve deeper into Jamie’s backstory, to see his roots and how he fits into the world he was born into. Some truth bombs were dropped, mostly from Jenny’s unforgiving mouth. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 memorable moments from 1×12, “Lallybroch”.

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1. The Jamie vs Jenny show

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4 years is a long time not to Authentic Tommy McDonald Jersey be home. Things change, people grow, and resentments and guilts can grow deeper. When Jamie comes home, the painful past that lingers between him and his home doesn’t allow him and Jenny to have a good reunion. They butt heads as soon as they see each other, but Jenny definitely holds her own against Jamie. They are both hot headed and stubborn to a fault, with sharp retorts and painful words. In the end though, the warring siblings find their way back to each other because when all is said and done, blood is thicker than water.
One of the most enjoyable moments that happened in the episode is when Jenny reminds Jamie that no matter how much he roars at her, and how tall and big and manly he is, she’s still the girl that used to get a hold of his balls to get him to listen to her. Yet again we are introduced to another female character that is a force to be reckoned with. I can’t stress enough how refreshing it is for a programme to portray women in such a strong light, regardless of the fact that for all intent and purposes, they were prisoners of the social conventions of their time.

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2. Jack Randall is into sniffing and does not care for laughter

Jack Randall makes an appearance by the way of flashbacks and succeeds to creep the hell out of me. During the episode, his and Jenny’s encounter is re-told in explicit detail. We see Randall sniffing Jenny and then trying to rape her. But when he can’t seem to get himself excited enough (dear lord this scene was extremely hard to watch, I personally haven’t seen something that explicit on TV) to go through with it, Jenny starts laughing at him which causes Randall to lose it. It’s there that we start seeing a pattern: when he tried to rape Claire, it was brutal and he tried to get Claire to face backwards, as with Jenny. So when the big bomb on the episode is revealed, that Randall wanted Jamie’s body (who wouldn’t really? Although there are nicer and less psychopathic ways of asking), in exchange for his freedom, I wasn’t overly shocked. But still. It’s slightly ground breaking that it’s Jamie who finds himself in the middle of a love triangle, with a male and a female. This might be the strangest and most twisted love triangle I’ve seen in a while (not counting the Lannisters though) but interesting nonetheless. And now I truly fear the next time we’ll meet Jack Randall and his particular brand of evil. ig markets binäre optionen erfahrungen  

3. Claire and her sharp tongue always get her in trouble

One of the things that I love about Outlander apart from its unabashed and optimistic portrayal of love, is Claire. She’s not scared to speak her mind, to act in the name of kindness and justice and simply refuses to be anything but herself. Although these are qualities that I admire, her quick tongue always seems to get her in trouble, because she always seems to act with her heart before thinking of the consequences of her actions. Hence in this episode whenever she voiced her opinion, her and Jamie were at odds. Now that Jamie knows the truth of where Claire comes from, he can’t blame her for acting out differently from the customs of his time. As always they clash but eventually Claire finds a way to get through to Jamie, without changing what she believes in or who she is. Don’t ever change Claire, TV-land could use more women like you, unafraid and unapologetic of who they are, and what they stand for.

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4. We meet Jamie’s dad

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A pivotal character, who helped to shape the way Jamie Fraser behaves was his father, Brian Fraser. Everything Jamie does is in some shape way or form influenced by the memory of his father, and seeing this bond in action, the love and respect between father and son, was extremely touching and bittersweet. We discover that one of the reasons that Jamie took such a terrible second whipping was because he refused to give his body and spirit to Jack Randall. The mere reason for it was because of Brian. How could Jamie look at his father in the eye when he’s let Randall break him? And ultimately it is revealed that Brian died during Jamie’s second flogging. All roads lead back to Randall and I feel like a showdown between Jamie and Randall is well and truly over due. And it will be truly terrible when it does happen. I feel like Jamie might lose his soul in the process.  

5. Jamie gets drunk and cocky  
We’ve seen Jamie drink, we’ve seen him be merry with his band of men. But, we’ve never seen Jamie drunk, sneaking into bed like a naughty teenager after Yu Darvish Womens Jersey a night out. It was a nice Joc Pederson Jersey touch, it endeared us to him and sort of cemented the direction of Claire’s and Jamie’s marriage: it’s the little things that make a couple, not the endless adventures they’re in.

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However, being back home makes Jamie change, he becomes “the laird”. He struggles between what’s expected of him as laird and the consequences of his absence. It’s not easy to find your place when you’ve been away from home so long. Especially considering that Jamie still has a price on his head. Being home makes him be more careless and cocky, to the point of almost getting caught by English Redcoats when he’s out and about fixing stuff in Lallybroch. Even though all was well in the end that’s to Jenny’s wit, there’s this lingering sense of danger, the idea that even though Jamie is home, he’s not truly safe. It’s all just an illusion. Illusion which is promptly shattered by the end of the episode.  
And that’s it for this week folks. All in all this week’s serving of Outlander was more mellow and character driven. The pace of the episode was more of a slow burn than the usual fire we have had so far. But I’m ok with that because it gave me insight into who Jamie is and where he comes from and ultimately gave his character more depth. And well it didn’t hurt that we saw Jamie shirtless quite a few times eh? All jokes aside, I like the direction Outlander is taking: focusing more on the characters and what makes them tick. See you next week fellow Outlander fans! And if your Outlander withdrawals get to be too much before next Saturday, go and watch the wedding episode again, it’ll make you feel better I promise!

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