Binge In Brief: #LostBinge

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We have to go back! And do another #LostBinge that is because seven episodes just aren’t enough to satiate the Losties. I remember the first time I ever sat down to watch Lost. It was back in 2010 right after the show itself came to a close. My cousin and I, after spending a long day at the beach were tired and lacking in things to do. This was back before Netflix was instant and we had to physically drive to the video store for entertainment (a sob story for the ages, I know). And there it was, the first season of Lost staring up at us. She’d already seen it but I, being the young naïve thing that I was, had never so we grabbed it and went on our merry way. And since that moment, Lost has been a staple in my life. So imagine the joy that came from learning that Lost was going to be April’s binge. Honestly it couldn’t be paralleled. Getting to see Ben Linus again? Well, absence does make the heart grow stronger.

The thing about Lost is that at its core, it’s confusing. And while that’s one of the many aspects of the show that enjoy, others don’t find it as fun. That being said, the goal for this binge was to choose episodes that make sense to non-viewers and also keep fans of the show happy. So episodes like “The Constant” were no-brainers. To me, it seems like that episode was the highlight of the binge because we got people screaming (myself included) about how Penny and Desmond are the best TV show couple to last a decade,


discussing how glorious Desmond’s hair actually is,

and trying to satiate our editor, Kyle’s overall confusion (he really didn’t know what he was getting into).

While Lost is a show that you really must watch all the way through to understand the brunt of, the goal of the #LostBinge was to celebrate JJ Abrams’ cult classic. And I believe we did just that. Plus, we gained some other Dharma Initiates along the way.  

If you’re not done with Lost and your walls are feeling sparse, definitely check out Citizen Nerd’s Etsy page as well. I for one, can’t wait to hang Ben Linus and Desmond Hume next to each other. As far as the next binge goes, that part is up to YOU. Make sure to vote for your favorite comedy! Until then, here are some more twitter highlights:

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