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TV Binges:  Don’t stop ’till you get enough.  Invite your friends, too.


When you think of “binge-watching” television, what’s the image that comes to mind? Most commonly, the answer is some variant of: sitting alone in a dimly-lit room for an irresponsible number of hours, munching on popcorn and soda, and steadfastly avoiding contact with the outside world while catching up on one of your favorite shows.

Catching up on your favorite shows is great, but at TVBinges.com, we believe there’s a better way to do the rest. We believe that binge-watching television can be a social experience, the same way that watching TV live has become. Every night, thousands upon thousands of people take to Twitter to “live tweet” their favorite shows, reacting, analyzing, commiserating, and cheering together. TVBinges.com provides you with the tools to re-create that experience on an on-demand basis, so that even if you’re not able to watch an episode live, you can still enjoy it with other people.


In addition to providing users with the ability to create and promote their own binges, we host our own monthly “official” binge, with the show of choice voted on by users. And we produce original content as well, everything from essays about the best shows and characters on TV to alerts about new series that are worth catching up on.

We aren’t just celebrating TV. We’re celebrating TV together.


TV Binges History:  How we got here.


We first began writing about TV in 2011, on a Tumblr titled “We Might Just Love TV More Than You”. That developed into the more manageably-named WeLoveTVMore.com, which featured episode reviews written by our staff. In September 2013, we launched ShowRatings.TV, a social-oriented site designed to give users, not just our staff writers, the ability to write their own episode reviews. In April 2015, ShowRatings.TV became TVBinges.com.